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Luxaflex PowerView® Motorisation

Luxaflex PowerView Motorisation is the next big thing in luxury yet affordable window styling. Ever thought about blinds that can be controlled to suit your day to day life? Or blinds that can be controlled with ease whilst you’re away from home? Then Luxaflex PowerView Motorisation is for you.
Using your Pebble Remote Control or the PowerView App on your smart phone or tablet device you can take complete control of your blinds through this innovative motorisation system, allowing you to tailor your blinds to your daily routine.

“A revolutionary new system that automatically moves your blinds throughout the day, so you don’t have to”

Control your blinds with a simple Pebble Remote Control, or use the PowerView App on your smart phone or tablet device to do more than just open, close and tilt your blinds.


The Pebble Remote

The Pebble Remote is a stylish and contemporary hand held control that can be used to quickly adjust just one or multiple motorised blinds at the same time. The Pebble Remote Case comes in 7 different colour ways: Lime, Snow, Night, Cobalt, Stone Frost, Poppy and Clear Frost. You can also choose from either a white or black remote insert.




The PowerView App

Take complete control over your blinds with the PowerView App on your smart phone or tablet to move your blinds into specific positions with just a swipe of a finger. If you prefer to have rooms operate independently or work together in complete synchronisation, then you can use the PowerView App to create distinct scenes for your daily life. Your personalised collection of scenes is simple to set up, operate and manage as you can name them, colour code them and organise them in whatever way you feel is the easiest for you and your family to use.


Good Morning: It’s a glorious sunny morning, and your blinds have automatically opened at 7:30am to let the sunlight through ready for the day ahead.
Afternoon Reading: It’s time to relax and unwind after a busy morning, your blinds have closed and tilted open slightly to dim the light ready for you to wind down.
Bedtime: The sun has set and bedtime is on the horizon, as you walk upstairs you don’t have to worry about closing your blinds as your PowerView App has already been set to do so.


With the RemoteConnect feature you can activate your scenes from anywhere in the world via your smart phone or tablet by creating an account with the PowerView App. If you’ve forgotten to close your blinds before going away on holiday, don’t worry as you can log in remotely to the PowerView App to set your blinds in motion. RemoteConnect is completely secure as it works through a Luxaflex server making sure your home is safe and protected.


Key Benefits:

Child Friendly

Child Friendly

Child Friendly - cord free operation adds simplicity, looks neater and is child & pet safe
Battery Powered

Battery Powered

Battery Powered - energy saving battery operation hides cabling for a neater approach and quicker install. Can also be connected to a mains power supply if needed
Precise Operation

Precise Operation

Precise Operation - operate your blinds with ease with precise control of blinds whether raising, lowering, tilting or turning


Secure - adjust blinds whilst you're away via the RemoteConnect feature on your smartphone or tablet to protect your homes privacy
Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient - easily link schedules to sunrise and sunset times automatically calculated by the PowerView App so that your blinds open and close at the specific sunrise and sunset times throughout the year


Diverse - the Luxaflex PowerView range of fabrics features the widest array of innovative styles, colours and fabrics in the industry, enabling your blinds to be as beautiful as they are intelligent
Flexible Schedules

Flexible Schedules

Flexbile Schedules - with the PowerView App you can quickly create customised scenes that control all the blinds in your home to operate together, or in any combination you desire. Then you can easily schedule those scenes to move your blinds automatically, so you don't have to
Integrated Automation

Integrated Automation

Integrated Automation - integrate your PowerView App with other home automation systems such as the Amazon Echo, enabling you to control your blinds with your voice
That’s the beauty of PowerView Motorisation, it allows you to operate your blinds with total control using the Pebble Remote or PowerView App. The PowerView Motorisation range of fabrics feature sophisticated designs, creating a whole new world of beauty and convenience. PowerView will become to be such an essential part of the way you live, you will wonder how you have ever lived without them.
For more information about Luxaflex PowerView Motorisation, visit our large showroom where we can show you the blinds working in real time, show you demonstrations on how the whole system works and discuss pricing and installation details with you. We even have the Amazon Echo integrated with the PowerView App, so come along and talk to us and our blinds – we’re happy to help!


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